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• 5/3/2016

Moderator Application

(Note: I scrolled down on the Moderator and Admin Application Template forum thread, which said NOT to post applications over there, and this is why I put it in General Discussion. I apologize if I have placed my application in the wrong category.)

What is your real name?: My real first name is Kyle, although I more commonly go by Dimensional or TDU on Wikia.

How old are you?: As of now I am 13 years old, approaching my 14th birthday (May 24th)

Desired Position (Moderator or Admin): I desire to be a moderator on this wikia due to me knowing lots of helpful information about I do not wish that you view me as a power-hungry teenager, but as a helpful and respectful individual.

How long have you been using Wikia?: I have been using Wikia since December 18th, 2014. I first started using Wikia as an informational site that taught me a lot of resources about Wikia's functions. Around March I created my own account and started editing articles with information. And in June-August of 2015 I started using my own wikia (abandoned as of currently) as a "test" to learn about source code, tabbers, and templates. I am also currently in a Wikia group which is striving to solve the lore of a certain game franchise that I will not mention here (you can ask me on my message wall if you would really like to know what game).

What can you do to improve the wiki?: I believe I can improve this wikia by expanding article information and staying up-to-date with the game's progress. I can move template source code from other wikis to here to create more helpful pages and turn this in-progress wikia into a successful wikia that will teach confused readers about the game

How do you think that being an admin or a moderator can help you improve the wiki?: By being a moderator, I will be able to fix edits on pages and warn users if they are causing vandilization of articles. If users repeatedly commit offenses of the Rules and Guidelines then I will be able to properly punish them instead of desperately calling for offline staff to fix the issue.

I would like to thank the admins and bureacrats for reviewing my application for Moderator.

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• 5/2/2016

Hi! Enjoy your Moderator rights, :).

However, the only thing that really opposed your promotion was the time you join this wiki. Anyhow, I went through your edits, and I decided to promote you. However, try to stay active, and help the community any way you can! I have only one request for you.

Please try to stay with the wiki (I know you will), and help it, and I hope you stay active for a while! Inactivity may lead to me revoking these rights (I'm not trying to make it sound like a threat, sorry about that) Anyhow, congratulations! Your knowledge about really would help this wiki, which is one of the reasons why I decided to promote you!

~ BobbytheBlobby

• 5/3/2016

You posted this in the wrong section, Luckily, I have the powers of Jesus! (joke), To move this thread!