Contributing to this Wiki

Welcome to Wikia, and we are glad to have you here! Want to help this wiki out, don't feel shy, edit away! 

So you want to contribute to this community? There is so much you can do, and don't worry how good your edit is, and how many edits you have. Remember, quality is over quantity, and if you do make a mistake, do not worry, the community will just correct you!

A good place to start editing is the Strategies or the Gameplay Mechanics and Strategies pages.

Another good place to edit may be the Skins and the type of skins, since seems to add or update about skins quite often.

If you really are not sure about the information you want to put in, you may contact me or another local staff member.

To also see Recent Activity by this Community, check out the wiki activity page! That is where you will get all the juicy information and recent edits to this wiki. With this way as well, you may be able to prevent some vandalism, eh?

Anyways, before this gets too long and I start to drag you into a long conversation, I think I better end this. Cheers, and happy editing!

~ BobbytheBlobby, a local admin.