Administrator Application

What is your real name?: Scott

How old are you?: 17 (I act older, I swear.) :)

Desired Position (Moderator or Admin): Admin

How long have you been using Wikia?: 4 Months (Since January 8, 2016)

What can you do to improve the wiki?: I have been using Wikia intensively since I joined, and have learned a lot. You may see how much I contribute to things I enjoy here at my main user page.

How do you think that being an admin or a moderator can help you improve the wiki?: I feel like since this wiki is just starting out, and it's on a topic that can actually be made into a great database (which is what wikis are for) it deserves attention.

I can help. :)

Perhaps? (talk) 18:28, May 9, 2016 (UTC)