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The GreatPerhaps
• 5/12/2016

MediaWiki JS and UserTags

How does the community feel about adding the following code to its custom JS MediaWiki page?

UserTagsJS.modules.newuser = {
	days: 5, // Must have been on the Wiki for 5 days
	edits: 10, // And have at least 10 edits to remove the tag
	namespace: 0 // Edits must be made to articles to count

This means that in order for the "New User" tag to be removed from an account, you must have made 10 edits and it be 5 days since your first edit.

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The GreatPerhaps
• 5/12/2016

Neutral Neutral I've got it in my global.js I think. I don't look at it that much, but don't mind adding it to the wiki's js.

BTW I added the Support, Neutral and Oppose templates for discussions like these ;)

• 5/12/2016

Support Support


Neutral Neutral


Oppose symbol Oppose

Thanks 2Actimv!

• 5/12/2016

To change the text, just add something behind it. Like this: {{Support|Good}}. However I think you won't need that usually :P

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