• CoCoTy

    This has to be among my top games at the moment. If you loved the age old classic game snake, then you should get ready for an interesting modern take on this cool game we all love. is really awesome and addictive and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this for so long. I believe it was released in 2016? I think it’s so cool you can play online where you control a snake and guide it towards the small pellets in the game just like in the old games. You can even pick out a new skin to make your snake prettier or for other purposes? Everyone has been talking about the Malaysia skin and I think it’s pretty cool too. The pellets/dots make you stronger and grow longer and if you work hard enough to evade all the other players, your s…

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  • Wafflefly21

    Today, all communities have a new tool available to use: Announcements. This tool directs all recently active members of the community to a specific page or post via a notification.

    Announcements is a replacement for both Forum’s ‘highlight’ function and Community Messages. Those older features require a recipient to visit the community in order to see a notice. With Announcements, the notification is delivered to the recipient no matter where they are on FANDOM.

    Announcements notifications are sent to users on both the wiki and Discussions if they have contributed to either in the last 90 days. The notices are delivered via the notifications system currently used by Discussions, and will be displayed on mobile browsers. Very soon, Announceme…

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  • Its Freeride games
    What's Your Opinion on the malaysia skin

    I love it! I like it. Meh, I dislike it I hate It! What's your opinion on The game is awesome. Perfect game, Nice game Meh game, I dislike it, it should be removed, I hate It! i wish this game gets terminated soon

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  • Its Freeride games

    The Malaysia Skin Is Created by Tiffany Cookies95,                                                              

    It represents the Malaysia Country                                 

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  • Its Freeride games

    Hello, I have some very bad news today, Removed Reddit Skin.

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  • The0ther$ide

    What that says. ^

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  • The0ther$ide

    Build a Slither

    January 30, 2018 by The0ther$ide

    Hey guys, 

    I was wondering if any of you were interested in adding a "Build a Slither" page explaining how it works. If so, does anyone here know when the "Build a Slither" page was added? I've hunted around but the best time frame I can come up with is November of last year. 

    - Your friendly (outside of the game, at least) neighborhood Slitherer

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  • Ascii-scissors

    How about IPv6 support

    November 21, 2017 by Ascii-scissors


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  • FreeBot
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  • Raymond Trevor


    June 30, 2016 by Raymond Trevor


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  • Raymond Trevor


    June 13, 2016 by Raymond Trevor


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  • TheDimensionalUser

    So... should we convert the Skins page from tabbers to one page? I heard that you guys don't really like the tabber template.

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  • ThunderGemios10

    Hey guys!,

    Have you heard of "" on Steam? If you do, It's a complete rip-off of, Only thing is new is micro-transactions.

    I just emailed the devs about this and here's their reaction :)

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  • TheDimensionalUser

    Should I keep them, or get something new? I don't know, they feel kind of... weird.

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  • Light.Runner.Explorer

    My top scores on

    1. 125,760

    2. 66,270

    3. 64,172

    4. 60,193

    5. 55,217

    6. 43,687

    7. 43,348

    8. 43,069

    9. 42,950

    10. 41,535

    11. 40,863

    12. 40,860

    13. 37,882

    14. 35,935

    15. 33,529

    16. 33,431

    17. 32,187

    18. 30,690

    19. 30,348

    20. 29,102

    21. 28,462

    22. 27,844

    23. 26,472

    24. 24,390

    25. 23,991

    26. 23,322

    27. 22,776

    28. 22,605

    29. 22,418

    30. 22,229

    31. 21,916

    32. 20,272

    33. 20,235

    These are not all my scores, but they are my saved scores. =)

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  • TheDimensionalUser

    Do you believe that trapping someone so that they fall into the edge is a strategy, or a mechanic?

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