In, there are many gameplay mechanics and strategies. Some are dangerous, while others can benefit you.

Gameplay Mechanics

"The Edge"

In ALL of, there is no gameplay mechanic more annoying than the edge of the map, or Barrier. A common event that happens in is you may lag out when you are close to the edge, resulting in you to slam into it. And unlike it's predecessor,, when you hit the wall, you do not slide alongside it. Instead, you disintegrate, your mass disappearing, and restarting you back to the bottom.
Border slther io

A snake teetering close to the Edge.

You can work the edge to your advantage by cornering someone until they die, but that will be very hard as you may slam into the edge yourself.


If you press the SPACE bar and/or hold the mouse (left or right key are the same), you will be able to go faster (while losing mass). This may surprise an opponent you are hunting, and while the enemy is shocked, you can speed in front of them, killing them, and taking their mass. You will leave a trail of pellets behind according to your color of your snake.

Mass Rushes

While this isn't an "official" gameplay mechanic, it is a very common event. Here is how it works:

Say that there is a heavily populated area. The largest snake, number 4 on the leaderboard, dies. The dozens of smaller snakes wanting the mass all rush in. In the confusion, snakes may ram headfirst into other snakes and kill themselves. In the end, there will tens of thousands of mass at that area which only a few surviving snakes will be able to pick up. It's best to avoid Mass Rushes unless you have NO lag on your computer at all and your graphics are set to "low".
RenzXVI Rank8

This is an example of a Mass Rush, as a lot of snakes are attacking others for the mass.

Gameplay Strategies

Boa Constricting

A common gameplay strategy in is the Boa Constrictor. How it works is that a large snake will circle around a smaller snake and going into their tail, creating an almost unescapable circle, or Boa Constrictor. It is then up to the larger snake to begin to close in on the smaller snake, which creates a risk. If the smaller snake times it right, they can ram in front of the bigger snake, freeing them and gaining lots of mass. Be warned, this may cause a Mass Rush.

A blue-scaled snake boa constricting a poor red snake.


Coiling is another gameplay strategy in How it will work is, similar to the Boa Constrictor, the snake will begin following its own tail. However, unlike the Boa Constrictor, where you must encircle a snake, the goal of coiling is to make a "coiled circle" as SMALL as possible, to trick opponents into thinking you are an easy target when you are possibly bigger than them.

A pink snake attempting to coil.

The risk to this strategy is that a snake half as large as you may be able to Boa Constrictor you.


Trapping is the act of semi-encircling a snake close to the edge until they either slam into you, or the wall. Very risky strategy due to how you may ram into the wall instead.

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