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A player who has lagged for long enough for the rest of their body to go into the head area, creating a "ballworm".

Lag is an extremely common problem with It is generally caused by one or several things relating to either the server, the player or a player's Internet connection, or sometimes even the player's game settings. Some of these things are:

  • Overloading the server
  • Excessive entities
  • Bad Internet connection
  • Unnecessarily high graphics settings
  • Player-server distance

Most of the time, it is either a bad Internet connection or the player-server distance. With bad Internet connection, the player will often have their game pause, freeze, or at times just stop working.

Player-server distance is the most common and results in poorly-chosen servers (for example, living in America but, instead of choosing the American server, choosing the Asian server.) For unnecessarily high graphics, simply put them on the lowest, or a simply low, graphics setting.

This can be a serious issue in and, as good connection is essential to surviving, as your game freezing or stopping for just a few moments could result in you dying and plummeting back down to the bottom of the leaderboard. Tips for fixing lag issues include:

  • Closing unnecessary/extra tabs
  • Closing unnecessary/extra windows
  • Turning off any videos or music in the background if need be
  • Restarting your Internet router
  • Turning off Wifi, waiting a few minutes, and then re-enabling Wifi
  • If things become desperate, restarting your computer should help a bit
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