Length is the way the game determines how big a snake is. Having a longer length will lower your Turn Radius.

Gaining Mass/Length

Currently, the only ways to gain mass is by Pellets.

Gaining pellets depends on your Style of Gameplay.

  • If you are playing aggressively, you will mostly eat the clusters of pellets left in the remains of other Players.
  • If you are a Passive or Scavenging Snake, you will only eat the Generated and Evasive Pellets that lay around the map.
  • If you are a Self-Defensive Passive, you will still eat Generated/Evasive pellets, but you may eat the remains of other Players as well.
  • If you are a combo, you may have multiple styles of gameplay.
  • Somewhere around 40,000 mass the score increases but the actual snake's mass stops growing, for the snake would be too big to even turn around and would fill up the entire map, causing chaos.

Losing Mass

Unlike its predecessor,, a snake does not lose mass over time. However, if you dash, it will cause you to lose 15 mass a second. When you have 10 or 11 mass, you will be unable to dash, due to the fact that you have too little mass. The only other way to lose mass is to bump to another snake or a barrier, which will make your Snake die and turn into Pellets, the more massive a snake is the more Pellets it will come out of it. However, when you die, the pellets created only amount to 40% of your mass at death.