How To Get A NicknameEdit

Coming up with a nickname is the first thing to do when you go to Right above the play button is a purple bar with the word "Nickname" in it. In this bar you type whatever name you like for your snake. This name appears beneath your snake during the beginning of gameplay and to other players when your snake first appears on their screen. You can choose any nickname within 24 characters. Here are some tips for good nicknames.

1. Be creative.

As one leaderboarder's nickname says, "Lame names get you killed." Don't use "nickname" or "snake" as your nickname. Come up with a good nickname that you like that's creative and as original as possible. 

2. Don't steal nicknames.

If you see a nickname and like it, you can use it, but try not to use the name of a leaderboarder. If you do, then people won't be able to tell the difference between you and that leaderboarder. 

3. Don't use a blank space.

A lot of slitherers use blank spaces as their nickname. This causes general confusion because the only way to tell your snake apart from others is by its skin or common knowledge.

4. Emoticons are allowed.

Several leadboard snakes have had emoticons as their nickname. Examples include @_@, :> and ;)

While you can use just an emoticon, sometimes adding an emoticon to the end of a nickname makes it more personalized.