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'''Pellets''' are the main source of food in There three two types of pellets:
'''Pellets''' are the main source of food in There three types of pellets:
# Generated pellets
# Generated pellets
# Remaining pellets
# Remaining pellets

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Pellets are the main source of food in There three types of pellets:

  1. Generated pellets
  2. Remaining pellets
  3. Speeding pellets

As you can see, these snakes are surrounded by small pellets.

Generated Pellets

Generated Pellets are small pellets that will give you 1-100 mass, depending on the type. There are two types of generated pellets.

Regular GP (Generated Pellets)

Regular GP will stay on the screen for you to collect, giving you 1-4 mass per regular GP.

Evasive GP (Generated Pellets)

Evasive GP will try to evade you by floating away, but if caught and eaten using speeding, they will grant you up to 100 mass per evasive GP. There is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain it unless you speed up your snake.

Remaining Pellets

Remaining Pellets are the pellets that spawn when a snake dies. "Remaining Pellets" are actually just a cluster of Generated Pellets that appear to be a different type of pellet due to graphical designs.

Remaining Pellets, due to them being clusters of large GPs, will grant you most of the mass that a snake died with. Mass depends on the size of the snake. For example, a big snakes' remaining pellets in total may amount up to approximately 10K mass while a small snake may give only 500.

Speeding Pellets

When a snake speeds, it will leave behind a trail of pellets, allowing another player to eat the pellet. The pellet corresponds the color of the snake if a snake speeds.

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