FANDOM is a web browser mouse movement-based game that centers around strategy and timing, By LowTech Enterprises. unlike its predecessor: (And now a few other .IO games such as

There is one main objective in to get to the #1 spot on the leaderboard of one of the servers.

How To Achieve The Leaderboard Edit

There are a few ways to achieve the leaderboard of These ways mainly revolve around the three s

Aggressive players are some of the most dangerous and reckless snakes in the game. Aggressive snakes will lock onto a target and rush after them, stopping at nothing except death to retrieve their prize in the form of pellets. Aggressive snakes make it easy to trick if you have the right timing.

Scavenging Edit

Scavenging is the third and final style of gameplay in Scavenger players will stay behind big snakes, wait for them to kill someone, then swoop in and steal the mass before rushing out of the dangerous area.

Gameplay Strategies Edit

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