The Snake is the unit that you control and gains Mass by eating pellets and other Snakes that bump into it, when a Snake hits another Snakes body, it looses all of its Mass and the snake evaporates into Pellets.

Controlling snakes

To move a Snake, you may:

  • Control the snake with your cursor (the Snake will follow the cursor)
  • Use the arrow keys (much harder, only for pros.)

A red snake speeding around another. This causes the red snake to glow.

The speed of the snake is unaffected towards its mass.

To speed as a Snake, you may either press any mouse button (left click, right click, etc.) or press space and hold. It will cause your Snake to move faster, but it will also drain your mass by 15 units a second, leaving a trail of pellets behind you. When dashing, your Snake will start to shine.


The current default way to grow in length is to eat Pellets and gain more mass and kill other snakes

RenzXVI Rank8

A snake surrounded by the remains of dead snakes.


There are two ways to die as a snake.

  1. Hit another snake's body (this is the most common cause of death to the other snake)
  2. Hit the red out-of-bounds barrier, which is at the edge of the map.

When you hit into a snake, you will die and you will be replaced with mass that gives one more length than pellets dropped by other players when they are speeding or pellets spawned by the server.

When hitting the border, you will only evaporate and you will not turn into Pellets when you die.