Many people still miss playing the old Snake game. It was simple yet challenging and fun to play. Fortunately, people can again play a game similar to Snake and it’s called But this is no ordinary Snake game. As there is more than one player inside the map and the goal is to get as big as possible and also try to eliminate the other worms.

Why is Best Played on PC
As a game that is similar to Snake, people might think that this game is perfect for mobile devices. On the contrary, is actually a game that is best played on a PC. The main reason for this is that it is easier to play the game using keyboard controls instead of touchscreen controls.

Gamers will have an easier time moving around their worms pressing keyboard buttons instead of dragging their fingers on touchscreen devices.

The Process of Playing on PC
Playing mobile games on PC is not usually an easy process for gamers. There are many steps they need to take, like installing an emulator and then installing the game on that emulator. But that process has now gotten easier.

All the gamers would just need to is to click on the link below and download the game from there. The link allows them to install and play the game directly on their computers and they don’t need to use an emulator for it.

Direct Download:

Alternative Download Sites: for PC or MAC:

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