In, players have many different styles. Some Snakes are Passive while others are Aggressive.


The aggressive styled snake will take every opportunity possible to attack another snake and steal their mass, whether it be through coiling, boa constricting, trapping them at the edge, or even teaming up with other snakes (Of course, the aggressive snake will then kill its teammates...). Aggressive snakes are sometimes not very smart and easy to kill if you time it right. Aggressive snakes are also known to frequently speed. In addition, aggressive snakes are often the creators of Mass Rushes. They also kill and die fast.


The passive snake is a peaceful snake that will only go after the small, miniature pellets generated by speeding snakes or by server generation, and grow quietly. The passive snake rarely ever attacks (See subtype of passive snakes, Self-Defensive). These snakes are also known as "farmers".


A common subtype of the Passive snake is the "Self-Defensive" snake. The self-defensive is mostly passive... but if threatened, it will eliminate the threat, and then go back to its peaceful nature.


The scavenger snake will not attack, instead it will follow other snakes. When he sees the other snakes create a mass pool, he will swoop in and steal lots of mass before retreating.


The snakes will coil in one place until other snakes arrive. When a snake is in their reach, they will follow it and kill it. If they succeed, they will return to the spot and wait for new victims.

Switching Snake

This snake is a mix of the passive/self-defensive snake and the aggressive snake. Sometimes it is peaceful and inactive, but other times it can be aggressive, fast, and greedy. Most players are this snake.


A lesser common subtype of Switching snake is the Edge Runners. They tend to live almost close to edge at the south and east. If they recieve some threat or chance from others they tend to trick them and make them to hit on the edges. Then they turn back into peaceful snakes after eating


This is a robot controlled snake that has A.I. and is not controlled by a human. They are mostly passive and when people are near, they do circles. They also let themselves get into traps.


Skilled snakes are snakes that are very alert and skillful. They can get their way out of traps like zooming out of a coil or one-way dead end. They are also some of the snakes that are a medium size. They use up mass on dashing and gain more with their skills by killing other snakes.