Hello, I am BobbytheBlobby, and I am an Administrator for this wiki. It is my responsibility to use my tools to help the community, as well as listen to them. If you have any question at all, feel free to message me!

What I can do:

  • I can protect pages and unprotect them (I can also edit all protected pages)
  • I can block any users who violate the rules
  • I can kick and ban any chat users who violate the rules
  • I can edit others comments and threads, and delete them if necessary
  • I can add boards and delete them for the forums
  • I can promote other users to Discussions Moderator and Chat Moderator (and demote them)
  • I have the rollback feature which allows me to revert vandalism quickly

What I cannot do:

  • I cannot promote other users to Content Moderator, Rollback, Administrator, or Bureaucrat. Please ask a Bureaucrat instead.
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