This has to be among my top games at the moment. If you loved the age old classic game snake, then you should get ready for an interesting modern take on this cool game we all love. is really awesome and addictive and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this for so long. I believe it was released in 2016? I think it’s so cool you can play online where you control a snake and guide it towards the small pellets in the game just like in the old games. You can even pick out a new skin to make your snake prettier or for other purposes? Everyone has been talking about the Malaysia skin and I think it’s pretty cool too. The pellets/dots make you stronger and grow longer and if you work hard enough to evade all the other players, your snake will be the biggest in the whole game arena! It’s a multiplayer game so there will be other snakes to compete against for the pellets and for a chance to be the biggest snake in the game, I love that being the biggest snake doesn’t give you an unfair advantage though, you can still be taken down by a small snake so chomp on the other snakes and make them smaller or kill them, but remember to watch out for other snakes because they too are out to get you! It’s lots of fun playing this terrific game as you eat the pellets and try to score enough points to get you on the leaderboard. I recommend you give it a go here

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